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Residential Design Services

Let us help you bring that idea in your head into a full color scaled concept drawing that you can build and refine

Riches Building & Design

Designing Inspiring Residential Spaces

Riches Building & Design is a boutique building and design company, located in Sydney. We are a husband and wife duo with a passion for creating beautiful spaces. We pride ourselves on quality and affordability.

The Riches Building and Design team have combined experience and expertise and will coordinate and oversee the entire process of your project. We are fully licensed builders and all our work is undertaken in full accordance with the New South Wales Building Regulations.


Interior Design

Before starting construction for a new room, the most ideal scenario is to have properly laid out plans of where everything will go after the build is complete. This means spaces can be custom-tailored to their contents which will give the space a more refined and purposeful look while at the same time being more space-efficient.

Our clients love it when we create 3D renderings, showing what their intended space will look like, long before construction even starts. Using 3D modelling allows our clients to become more inspired and creative, while at the same time being much more time efficient and purposeful with improvements on the design.

Lounge Rooms

Living Area Design

In regards to custom-designed living rooms, we are only really constrained by the space we have available, our budget, and our imagination. Perhaps you wish the space to match the theme of the rest of the house or you may prefer to create a different experience and mood in each room of the house.

In our opinion, you are always best off to have a complete plan of what you want to achieve before you begin to purchase any furnishings or building materials as it’s very likely you will see many improvements on your path through the design process. Seeing our designs in 3D is a fantastic visual aid and will accelerate your creativity in this regard

Cooking & Food

Kitchen Design

No doubt one of, if not the most used room in the house, the kitchen should be an inviting space for the family to hang out as well as having practicality principle to its design.

Striking a balance between your floors, benches, sinks, hoods, fridges, ovens, microwaves and pantries is a must when trying to create a sleek-looking kitchen. The other major design concept vital to a functioning kitchen is having the correct spacing of walkways and benches, giving enough room for bypassers, and opening-closing of doors. You may for example like to have the dishwasher located close to the cupboard when sups and plates are stored but have ample room to have both doors open and operate easily to pack each one respectively.

Sleep & Relax

Bedroom Design

Bedrooms carry a lot of personal preference and there are many schools of thought. Having a grandiose bedroom with huge ensuite etc may seem like a desirable idea for many, but in-home design where space is limited it may not be practical to take space away from other living areas. At the end of the day a bedroom should be inviting and relaxing, but the reality is the majority of time spent in there is for sleep and at night.

The keys to great bedroom design do not lay solely in its size but rather a place that promotes positive mood, comfort, and a place to recharge. In line with this, you might like to incorporate your favorite materials, colors patterns and lighting to promote a relaxed mood environment.

Fun & Practical

Kids Room Design

Kids’ rooms designs are a little different than mum and dad’s room as they are usually used as a living and play space as well as for sleep. Kids have a wonderful imagination and enjoy spaces that can inspire the same. You might like to start by identifying your children’s favorite movies, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales and using this as some of the core concepts for a base design.

Incorporating enough play space, toy and clothing storage space all tied into an imaginative theme is surely set to be a winner for childrens room design no matter what the age.

The Great Outdoors

Exterior / Outdoor Design

In 2021, Australian outdoor design is about entertaining, beautiful gardens, deluxe patios, BBQ areas and play areas for the kids if you have the space. Not all Sydney backyard designs have a great deal of space to work with, as we all know space comes at a premium, so all we can do is prioritize the things most important in your life and create the ideal space to reflect this narrative.

Entertain & Relax

Indoor Outdoor Design

One of the trending design concepts at the moment is blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. The thought process behind these styles is that we feel more human when we are in the outdoors, more vibrant, more zen, at one with nature and the seasons.

In line with these core concepts, a modern indoor-outdoor design seeks to move a living or entertaining area either completely or partially outdoors. This could be in the form of waterproof lounge-style seating completely exposed to the elements or it could take the form of a covered entertainment area with open sides allowing the natural winds, smells, and nature to breeze through.


Custom Deck Design

In many cases, A custom outdoor deck design will be the centerpiece of a great outdoor or backyard design. It is most likely to form one of the main entry/exits from the house and likely contains tables, seating, BBQs, bars, or even pools and tvs depending on the design space and budget.

Decks, sometimes referred to as verandahs or patios, have the ability to turn a sloping, rough, awkward, or useless piece of ground into a desirable and functional space.