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Online Design Service

In today’s age of lockdowns and business interruption it only makes sense to take the parts of our business online that we are able to. In reality, as far as design is concerned it is very easy to operate online and in many cases it is actually a much quicker means for ourselves and our clients to communicate.

If you would like to engage us for design online, then here is a list of things you may consider preparing to speed up the process:

  1. Take a series of photos of the space you wish to have designed, preferably from all angles
  2. take measurements of the space we are designing. These measurements ideally should be exact as they are used by the design software throughout the process
  3. write down a list of everything you require in the space, so nothing gets forgotten
  4. If you have done any rough sketches of the layout these could be handy but not necessarily required
  5. If you have taken inspiration of some other designs you would like to incorporate in your own, please have the images ready to send or provide links to an online location where you viewed it.

If you have not prepared any of these things it is still fine to get in contact with us, just be aware it may take a bit longer to figure out which way we are heading initially.