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Commercial Building Services

We pride ourselves on building trusting relationships while offering the highest level of service in the most cost-effective manner

Riches Building & Design

Building Inspiring Commercial Spaces

Riches Building & Design is a boutique building and design company, located in Sydney. We are a husband and wife duo with a passion for creating beautiful spaces. We pride ourselves on quality and affordability.

The Riches Building and Design team have combined experience and expertise and will coordinate and oversee the entire process of your project. We are fully licensed builders and all our work is undertaken in full accordance with the New South Wales Building Regulations.

Retail Spaces

Commercial Shop Fitout

Before starting construction for a new retail space, the most ideal scenario is to have properly laid out plans of where everything will go after the build is complete. This means spaces can be custom-tailored to their contents which will give the space a more refined and purposeful look while at the same time being more space-efficient.

We use one of the most powerful design programs available to provide our clients with highly detailed, scaled full-color visualizations of the new shop space before any work commences. This gives a great base to experiment with different material designs and colors and review everything in full before committing time and money to your new retail investment


Doctors Medical Centre Fit Out

Medical centres including doctors, chiropractors, Physio’s, dentists and other health professionals all have businesses where repeat customers form a large part of the yearly revenue, so patient experience is a necessary consideration in any medical centre design layout.

Medical Centre designs, even from the reception desk and waiting area’s have some important health considerations surrounding cleanliness and sterilization, therefore the materials used are preferred to be non-absorbant and easily cleaned.

Work Office Fit Out

When designing modern office spaces it is really dependant on the client’s preferred requirements and budget as to the type of materials and characteristics the design will encompass.

Generally speaking, office spaces need to get to a level where all staff care work comfortably, peacefully, and privately if required while spending an efficient amount of money on the project. Work offices generally don’t need to provide ‘client experience’ type requirements unless they are front-facing like a reception desk, so cheaper but effective materials would be preferred.

Pub and Restaurant Fitout

Diners and patrons are not going to just base their opinions on your venue on the taste of your beer or food alone. People are after an experience, an enjoyable, relaxing, and memorable space to spend time in and come back too.

Riches building and design have been working closely with many pubs and hospitality venues are some of Sydney’s most exclusive and high-end area for many years now, giving us a good amount of experience to make good recommendations and implementation