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The most efficient way to get your awnings meeting council compliance standards and protect yourself from potential lawsuits.

Sydney’s Awning Repair Experts

In recent times, local governments across the greater Sydney metro area have been cracking down on businesses and landowners about the condition of street-facing awnings. Many of them are significantly aged and damaged requiring either repair or replacement to meet acceptable pedestrian safety standards

As you may already know, replacement of these awnings to meet safety regulations is an intensive process, needing design, engineering, approval, often requiring nighttime construction and pedestrian management. Riches Building & Design are able to relieve the hassle for our clients and manage the whole process from start to finish.

What We offer

Having now worked with several Local Sydney Council’s we have accrued a significant amount of experience around the most efficient process and nuances of each LGA.

Being a husband and wife team with decades of experience in construction and design, we can provide expert and cost-efficient help every step of the way. Our commercial awning services include:

  • Design Planning
  • 2D Architectural Plans
  • 3D Render
  • Management of Certification & Approvals
  • Complete implementation and management of contruction

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    More about Our Awning Remediation Services

    Shop awnings tend to be one of the most neglected structures on the building as they are on the footpath side of the business and the structure lives out in the weather. Sooner or later this exposure leads to deterioration of the components such as rust holes in the metal, loose nuts and bolts and withered frames. Awnings are constructed from a vast array of building materials including wood/timber, metal, canvas, acrylic, aluminium, vinyl and other variations, and the level of exposure and engineering requirements will usually determine the type of materials used.

    As one of Sydney’s more experienced commercial awning repair and replacement services, we usually find business owners are taken by surprise when faced with the necessity or formal directive to carry out awning remediation, as the process is a lot more involved than it would seem on the surface.

    The table discusses some of the requirements you may not have contemplated:

    Asbestos RemovalIn many cases, the deteriorated structures are old enough to contain asbestos requiring removal by a licensed contractor
    Traffic ManagementIn narrow streets where pedestrians need to be diverted, there may be the need to manage vehicular traffic as well. This may also be required for the supply of building materials.
    Pedestrian ManagementIf your awning has been declared unsafe by your local council then pedestrian management may be required immediately. It is also usually required through the construction process.
    Emergency ProppingIf your awning has been declared not structurally sound, you will likely be directed to have emergency propping installed immediately
    Nighttime constructionIn high pedestrian / vehicular traffic areas, you may not be able to manage daytime volumes effectively and you will be required to have the building works carried out after hours.

    So who are we?

    Not only husband and wife, we also combine a rare mix of two decades of carpentry and joinery experience with a passion and flair for design and decoration.

    Our combination of skills gives us a unique ability to tackle some of the more bespoke projects where others don’t dare to go including high-end showrooms & commercial fit-outs, doctor’s offices, Commercial awning remediation and more…

    Being a family-run business means we are usually considerably more cost-efficient than our competitors, which keeps our clients very satisfied.

    The Best Shop Awning Builder in Sydney

    We actually enjoy the challenge of removing and replacing street-facing storefront awnings. Business owners on the other hand are upset when forced to replace an aged shop awning as it is usually a fairly significant cost, however, in the end, a brand new modern awning does enhance the entry point of the business greatly which is the positive side of such a project.

    With our combined expertise in building and design, there really is a lot of scope on our behalf to help our clients create their desired look to the storefront, or match an existing design.

    Some of the more common shop awning design types include:

    • Bullnose Awnings
    • Hertiage Awnings
    • Federation Awnings
    • Gabled Awnings
    • Colonial Awnings
    • Traditional Awnings

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